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Lake Hughes Rd - Castaic Garage Sale


*** WARNING: This garage sale took place in the past. ***

Lake Hughes Rd, Castaic, CA         View Map
Garage Sale Info:
Grandpa passed. Huge sale. Trucks, Campers, Boats (Castaic)
Lake Hughes Rd
start time: 8am
Grandpa passed away recently.
We are having a clean up this weekend to sell and throw away a lot of junk.
Most of the stuff is pretty rough but there is some value.
2 motor homes
1 camping trailer
1 camper for back of truck
The roofs to RVs and trailers have leaks but most have been fixed. Some damage.
3 boats. 1 pontoon- 2 fishing
Couple old torn apart tractors.
Some have pink slips. Most DONT.
Been sitting here for 20+ years.
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